Excited :D

Ok, I am really excited! 😀

So we found out yesterday that our applications were accepted for the new apartment! It’s a really awesome complex and a major upgrade from anywhere we’ve lived before so I am soooo happy that worked out! No more apartment hunting which is one major stress off the mind.
We move the first week of January, so at most 3 weeks before we get to be in our new place! I’m already planning out some wall murals to paint once we get settled.

We also took our two girl cats to the vet yesterday because they were the only ones out of the five that we hadn’t been able to get micro-chipped yet. We definitely wanted to get that done before we moved so just in case the worst were to happen that they somehow escape. They both did great and we found out that apparently female orange cats are somewhat rare. That just makes our lovely Miss Aqua even more special than she already thinks she is. 😉


I did receive the print copies of Inner Strength and they look AWESOME! I am so pleased with how they came out!


And tonight I get to go and see The Hobbit! I’m a huge Lord of the Rings/Tolkien fan – for anyone that didn’t know – and so I cannot wait to see it! My boyfriend is taking me out to see it, along with dinner, sort of as my belated birthday. Since it fell on a Monday this year I didn’t get to really do anything so he had told me we’d celebrate it this weekend. So it sounds like a good start to a, should be, awesome weekend!

Well, the cats are all begging for breakfast so I should go appease them.



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