I’m back!

New place. Wonderful view 🙂

Sorry for the long absence, I’ve just been incredibly busy. So, it’s been a week now since we moved into our new place and we’re just about fully settled in! Now I can finally start working on writing again and also get the post-release day party for Inner Strength ready! I can’t believe it’s already been out for a month! (Picked up your copy yet 😉 )

So we love the new apartment – the cats especially. We have a gorgeous view and the cats really like it since there’s usually ducks swimming out there. I finally have a kitchen that I can cook in! Though the cats think that the counter tops are their territory…

Oh, be sure to check back in the next few days because I have an exciting announcement to make! 😀 (hint: it has to do with a book I’ve been working on!) I should also have info on the party for Inner Strength and I’ll let you know how you can enter to win some pretty cool stuff!

Also be sure to check out Sakura Designs! There’s a 50% off everything sale going on now! Pre-made covers are only $10 so better get them while they last! (There will be new  covers being added later this week as well!)

Well… I think that’s everything for now 🙂


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