Ventus and Ichigo

Ventus and Ichigo

End of the week… I don’t know if I should be happy or if I’m just going to be going into a weekend full of work – namely editing.

Since I announced the release of “Survivor”, I’ve been busy with the edits and everything else that goes into the final stages of a book…. Quite busy with that. I can’t wait to get back to writing “Inner Peace”! As for the post-release party for “Inner Strength”… well that got pushed back due to some delays with getting stuff together… Beginning of Feb. will probably work out much better… as long as finalizing “Survivor” doesn’t consume all of my time.

What would be really awesome is if I could set up a meet and greet at the shelter (that will be receiving half of the proceeds from the book). Course I’d be there, but I’d also bring Ventus, the star of the book.

Well, pretty much fully settled into the new place! We were given (for free) a new couch, king sized bed, and full sized bed (for the guest room)! 😀 I’ve never had a bed larger than a twin so this is pretty awesome! Never thought I’d jump from a twin to a king. The cats particularly like it so I don’t really know just how much room we gained after the cats decide to sleep there too :p They’re such space hogs.


So, I hate dieting. I’ve tried several different ones and they either sort of work, or they don’t. I always get burnt out on the small selection of protein bars etc that are required to stay on track with these “guaranteed diets” so I can’t stick to them or I get sick. The only time a diet actually worked for me was when I was in college. It consisted of walking to class at 8 in the morning, getting a Coke or Mt Dew at 10 along with a candy bar (usually a snickers) out of the vending machines and then drinking and eating that for the rest of the day until I returned to the dorms at typically 7-8 pm (Sometimes 9-10). All I had in my dorm was a large package of gummy bears which I made last for a couple of months. Healthy? Definitely not. But did it make me lose weight? For sure. Once out of college I upgraded to 1-2 potatoes a day and that met with pretty much the same results. The trick was also to stay busy (physically and mentally) so your body can’t complain about the lack of nourishment. 😉

Just so it’s clear, I DO NOT recommend that “diet”. It is horribly unhealthy and everything else :p (Due to life issues at the time I was sort of forced into such an eating style and was not something that I would normally have chosen to do.)

But I am very happy, I finally have access to a gym (for free) 24/7! It’s really nice and I’ve been wanting to have an actual routine workout for quite some time.

It’s also snowing… The cats love to watch it through the windows and try to attack the flakes. I tried taking some of them outside to play in it but they freaked out and wanted back inside. They also love the new kitchen as much as I do. I can’t keep them off the counter tops…. When I’m trying to cook something they’re just suddenly there, knocking things over and stepping on the food…. Thinking about getting the double-sided tape to try to deter them. (tired of cat hair in my food 😉 )


And last thing…


Well, I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! Cheers 🙂


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