Almost there and other stuff

Yep, it’s almost the 22nd! Ya’ll know what that means! Survivor will be released! I am so excited 😀 plus it looks like – hopefully – the print version will be available as well!

So let’s see… My boyfriend’s family came to visit for a couple days this weekend. (If any of you had a 3 day weekend I hope yours was awesome!) I finally got some canvases so now I can paint! I’m just trying to figure out what I want to do now since I don’t want to waste them…

The cats, though, have been driving me insane… I don’t know what’s gotten into all of them but they’ve turned into little devils 😉 They’ve always had their naughty days but it’s been every day this past week since Valentine’s… (I was surprised with some roses and they’ve been wanting to eat them) but they’ve been nearly nonstop attacking each other, getting into everything they’re not supposed to (and usually don’t), and they’re sassy back-talkers  when I reprimand them. I’ve had to give them time-outs in their bedroom just so I can have some sort of peace of mind.

Ok, enough about the babies… So my boyfriend has always wanted me to try out computer programming since that’s what he went to college for and absolutely loves. Now, I’ve always been the artist, went to college for design, etc… so I always thought it looked kind of boring and not pretty enough. I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I’m taking an intro course online and we’ll see if it’s something I want to pursue after that. At least it’s something to do while I’m still looking for a job here – unless the writing can become full-time like I’ve always wanted.

Alrighty then, I’ll see ya’ll when Survivor is released!



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