Survivor is here!

Survivor small


Survivor, the first book in the Cats’ Biographies series, follows the tale of Ventus the cat. His mother named him Clumsyfoot when he was born, due to his large paws. He had a brother and a sister, Thorn and Astral, and loved living with his family in the little den that his mother had made for them in a small grove of trees. His mother comes to them one day with the bad news that she cannot provide for all of them. In order to save all of her kittens, she sends Clumsyfoot away to live with a warren of rabbits.
Clumsy meets new friends, but he also has to prove to some of the rabbits that he doesn’t pose any threat to them. All is not right in the warren and Clumsy finds himself caught in the middle of an evil rabbit’s power-hungry schemes.
Will Clumsy be able to survive living with the rabbits and everything else that life dishes out for him?


Yep, the book is finally available! So excited 😀 Now ya’ll can go and pick yourselves up a copy!
Also, remember by purchasing the book you will be helping with the rescue and care of other needy animals out there since half of all proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the animal shelter, Colony Cats (& Dogs).

It’s available for Kindle, Nook, and in paperback. (Reading range is JF/YA so it is geared for a slightly younger audience than my usual books, but it can still be enjoyed by all.)


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