Stuff and leaving on vacation!

Hello all, sorry I’ve been neglecting adding any updates for some time. Last week wasn’t a good week for me because I guess I caught the flu and was sick the entire week. Thankfully, I’m all better and just in time too! I am so excited because my very best friends, whom I haven’t seen in over a year, are coming to pick me up on Monday to take me back to stay with them for a few weeks to a month – still undecided on how long I’ll be gone. (They live about 9 hrs away) So that means there will probably be no updates or very, very few.

That also means the boyfriend is left in charge of the five cats… I hope he can handle them :p

Otherwise I’ve just been busy with crafts; painting and giving an old lamp a steampunk face lift! Crocheting and getting gifts ready for my best friend’s birthday. Of course gaming and also some baking.


Speaking of baking, I made these today.

They are rice krispie cinnamon rolls and they are YUMMY!

I found the recipe here if any of you are interested in trying it out.In my opinion, they definitely need the frosting, but it can be overpoweringly sweet if you put too much on.

I keep finding new recipes to try out –  the next one will be a salted caramel cheesecake (it sounds so good). And my boyfriend loves pound cake so I want to try making an orange poppy seed one.


Well, anyway… I need to finish the lamp, but I’m waiting on pieces to come for it. I also want to try to make a steampunk wand (going to be in Guardians of Ferrum 😉 )

I also need to get back to writing Inner Peace. I just can’t get my brain to focus right now. I think it’s because I was sick for so long that I didn’t get anything done and now I want to do everything at once. As well as getting the house in order and packed to leave on vacation!

I believe that’s all, else I shall be a rambling machine :p




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