Soul Thieves

Long ago, there lived creatures that were known as shadow cats. They protected humans from the evil creatures known as Soul Thieves.
But all of the cats vanished. Their race forever lost in the past… Or were they?
Four friends. Three strangers. Brought together by danger, a cat, and a wolf.
This is their story.

Geoff has disappeared and then his fiance, Marissa vanishes as well. Lucille is whisked away by a mysterious cat, and her fiance, Jack is left to search for all of them.
But who is the strange boy with the bandaged face? And the girl with the giant wolf companion? And what about the boy traveling with the old gypsy-like couple that can turn into an animal at will?
And then there are the dark creatures that will stop at nothing to consume their souls.

Now available on Amazon (For Kindle and paperback)

Heartless has confirmed that there will be a sequel!


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