The Dawn Knights Trilogy

The Dawn Knights is a group of knights that banded together to serve the king and assist anyone in need. They took the name saying that they were always ready for anything at the break of dawn.
The group consists of:
Sir Airan, The Brain
Sir Balan, The Brave
Sir Corin, The Kind
Sir Dundee, The Lazy
Additionally there used to be Sir Erdan, The Best; but he was lost.

When they receive a message that the princess has been dragonapped they all set out to save her, even though Sir Erdan was supposed to have died slaying the very last dragon.
Sir Balan takes off to be the first to save her, but when he disappears, Sir Corin and Sir Dundee team up to search for him. However, they end up finding nothing that they were expecting.
Sir Airan had decided to go another route, but he ends up somewhere even worse than the other two knights.
Step into the world of the Dawn Knights with humor, adventure, mystery and nothing being really as it should.

Available now on Amazon (for Kindle)
And Barnes and Noble (for Nook)

Finding the Lost Princess is book 1 in the trilogy.

Book 2, Disenchanting a Dragon is currently being written.


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