The Goldenport Chronicles

Princess Vreda is shocked when her father returns from one of his quests with a very unusual gift – a fairy. The fairy is very much like a human except for having magical abilities.
The king sees the fairy as nothing more than another animal for his daughter’s menagerie but she does not share the same view.
Being forced to live at the palace with no friends, Vreda sees this as her opportunity to finally have a friend and companion.
When news reaches the kingdom that an angry dragon is attacking a town, Vreda feels it is her responsibility to do something about and sets off with the fairy being forced to follow.
From an evil wizard to giants and other fantastical creatures, follow the princess and fairy’s adventures as they attempt find what they are both longing for.

Available now on Amazon (for Kindle)
And Barnes and Noble (for Nook)

Befriending a Fairy is book 1 in The Goldenport Chronicles. 

Book 2 is in the works and will be called Rising From Ashes.


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