Fairy Tales Retold

Cinderella is an ordinary girl living with her parents at their bakery and working at the palace. She thinks her dreams are coming true when she meets the prince and he asks her to marry him.
But one day she gets accused of stealing from the queen and the king has her banished to the prison island.
However, Cinderella never makes it there because her ship is looted by pirates and she is taken as their prisoner.
Meanwhile the prince is doing everything in his power to prove Cinderella innocent and have her sentence reversed.
Will Cinderella ever get a happy ending and be able to be with the one she truly loves?

Available now on Amazon (For Kindle and paperback)

Cella, A Tale of Cinderella is book 1 in the Fairy Tales Retold series.
Rain and Snow, A Tale of Snow White will be book 2 and is currently in progress.


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