Back home

Well the weekend went by extremely fast. Got back home a little bit ago and now don’t want to do anything.

All in all it was a nice weekend, short but also a good break. My boyfriend was able to rescue five newborn kittens because their mother wouldn’t take care of them. It was actually the mother of the kitten that we adopted a couple months ago – she’s feral and I guess just got sick of having babies.

Also got a new bed and my cats are crazy about it now; probably won’t be able to sleep in it since they’re hogging it now ­čśŤ

I actually got quite a bit of writing done, which surprised me. I will hopefully wrap up the first draft this week!
Well we shall see. Decided to try a new diet this week and I shall see how grumpy it makes me LOL

Though on a good note – FINALLY going to get new cable/internet tomorrow! A month late, but it’ll be a million times better than what we have. Well, that is if there isn’t something that comes up between now and then to mess it up…

Might be moving at the end of the year and I don’t think that there is anything else to note as of now.


Time for a last minute trip.

Well a last minute trip out of town just came up. Leaving tomorrow morning so need to get packed today and make sure that everything that needs to be taken care of is completed.

My boyfriend had an interview for a possible job last week and now the company wants to do a follow up interview at their headquarters – which also is in his hometown. Now we get to go spend the weekend with his family, which will be nice for him since it’s his birthday tomorrow.

I just don’t feel like trying to pack… and I know I’m forgetting something that needs to be done.

Well, better go since I probably won’t have much time to work on stuff today.

Oh, and don’t forget the giveaway ends in a few days! Better get your entry in if you haven’t!┬á(Really, who wants to turn down a free book ­čśë )

Cheers everyone!


Good morning!

Well, at least where I am it is 2 in the morning… I have major insomnia tonight. Plus there are several factors that are only making it worse. I shall not get into them or I shall go into an endless rant that will turn into who knows what at this hour of the night.

So I have been writing like crazy! This new book I’m working on has given me wings and I just can’t seem to run out of steam – no pun intended since it is a steampunk novel :p

I thought I would share with everyone here – if you haven’t seen it on my facebook page – the close to completed book cover for it!

It has gone through many variations and I think I am finally happy with the background and layout. The title I’ve been playing around with and will only remain the same if the following books in the series can match. (and I like the words at the bottom – just not sure if it will say exactly that)

Alrighty, big question – when will it be available? I don’t know. I should hopefully be finished with the first draft in the next week – do some editing – find some beta readers – edit and edit and edit and edit…. Hopefully around the new year? (If you want to be a beta reader let me know! I don’t have anyone on the list yet ­čÖé )

But I’m excited for the book cover at least. I always seem to write better if I know what the cover and title will be. It always seems that if I get stumped on the design side I will get stuck in the story. I don’t know why.

And I leave you all now with a bit of an idea of what the book will be like – a blurb type of thing… (I need sleep)

Jinger Andrews thinks she’s a mostly normal college student. After some unusual events she finds herself transported into another world; a world of automatons, strange inventions, and a mixture of the past with the future.
A new life is thrust upon her and she finds out that she is one of the chosen guardians – humans that are unknowingly bonded to one of the ruling members of the world.
Her duty is to protect the future senator she had bonded to, no matter the price – even at the cost of her own life.

Interview with a Cat #2: Aqua Martin-Roman

I decided to interview another one of the kitties.

Today Aqua has decided to join me! Her full name is Aqua Yavanna Martin-Roman. Aqua, of course, is water. Yavanna means giver of fruits. She is often called Awkers, Uqu, and Mongoose. She just turned two years old about a month ago. She is a little crazy, eats anything she can get her fangs into, and likes to be alone.


Hello Aqua, thanks for agreeing to do an interview with me today!

You should be thankful. I took time out of my very busy day to answer your stupid questions.

Um… Ok. Don’t you usually sleep all day, though?

Of course, but I am up all night – working.

I see. Alright then I won’t take up too much time. So what exactly do you work on in the evenings?

I am an alchemist. I brew potions and work on experiments. I have a secret lab located with the hot water heater… One day I shall rule the world!

How very… interesting. I heard you’re the oldest cat in your family. Do the others look up to you like as a role model?

No! I try my best not to associate myself with them. I’ve lived my entire life with an annoying cat that thinks she is my sister. We were forced to be together almost since we were born. I went through two other homes before ending up in the one I’m at now, and she was never allowed to be apart from me. She is rather dimwitted and does not get the hints that I don’t like her. I just ignore her now.
Of course my humans had to adopt two brothers. I couldn’t stand them at the beginning. I tolerate them now. The biggest one thinks he can bully me and I hate him more than any of the others.

I thought I heard that you tried to make one of the brothers your apprentice though.

True. True. I did attempt that at one time. He had the intelligence I was looking for. Also he’s very submissive and I didn’t think he would challenge me. He failed as my apprentice and I don’t want him anywhere near my lab!
Back to the last kitten. He was adopted around a month ago or something like that. I despise him. End of story.

Ah, but there are supposedly some pictures of you two napping together.

Do not listen to the media! I would never have done so willingly. I fell asleep and when I woke up he had decided to curl up against me. I did not give him permission to sleep so close to me.

But he is just a baby. He’s like half your size and it’s been getting cold.

If he needs a napping buddy he has two older brothers that he can nap with. I don’t want him near me.

Alright, fair enough. So how do you go about your alchemy?

I experiment. I mix ingredients together and hope that they turn into something I want. I also will eat everything that I can find to see if it has potential as an ingredient for my potions.

Wouldn’t that make you sick or possible kill you?

I have a very good immune system…

Uh huh… Now you mentioned that you are going to rule the world. How and when will that come about?

I shall not give my details away. I shall suffice it to say that the world would be a better place if a cat ruled humanity.

I’m not so sure about that.

Do not disbelieve me! I am done with this interview.

But I didn’t ask all of my questions!

I don’t care. I am the one in charge and when I say this interview is over it is over! Goodbye.

Alrighty then. I suppose that wraps up this interview.


You can also check out Aqua’s Facebook and Tumblr. blog.


Turning over a new leaf

For those who know me, or have been around long enough to learn some things about me, you know that I’ve suffered with depression and had some big life events that pretty much left me empty – hollow and nearly lifeless (where the heartless comes from). I went from being a person that laughed all the time to someone who cried all the time.

Now these weren’t little problems that someone could get over in a day/week/month/year. It’s taken several years, and though I’m close, it’s not over yet.

But a little bit ago I sat down and thought about everything that’s happened to me since those events. I’ve done so many things that I wouldn’t have been able to had those things not happened to me. I was able to graduate college. I made friends that would never have been in my life – and I couldn’t live without them now. I have five cats that I wouldn’t have been able to rescue – and I couldn’t be without them, they’re just like children to me. I have the most amazing boyfriend. I’m able to pursue my dream of writing and actually publish my work. And there’s just so much more.

I thought about all this and I realized if those events hadn’t taken place and I was still like I was those years ago I wouldn’t be happy. I would probably be working a really lame job, have no friends, no pets, and I wouldn’t have been introduced to so many wonderful things in the world.

All I could keep thinking about was how much it hurt. How much I had lost. It still hurts. What I lost is irreplaceable, but I can move on. I can be happy. I can do the things I love. I can finally be free.


And since Heartless doesn’t reflect me as well anymore I am contemplating using my second pen name (Ti’Ana Strife) for all future work – possibly re-release everything with it as well. We shall see… I need to think about that though. My newest steampunk series will be released with my other pen name though.


Love this song – just fitting for me now.


Tis the Monday book recommendation: Incarceron

The day is half over and all I’ve gotten done is a bit of laundry… I hate laundry day. But that has nothing to do with this post so I shall get back to topic.

So, this weeks book recommendation is Incarceron by Catherine Fisher.


(I don’t know why I never posted the book covers before :p)

Yes, we’ve all heard, don’t judge a book by its’ cover, but it’s just so easy to do. In this case, I’m glad I did. I saw this book sitting on the shelf in Barnes and Noble and I was immediately drawn to it.
I have an obsession with keys, and a shiny, embossed book cover definitely grabs my interest. I looked it over, thought it sounded interesting enough to read, so I bought it.

I completed it in a day – and that’s not because it is short.

Incarceron is a prison; Finn lives there and cannot remember anything prior to waking up in a little cell. He insists that he came from outside the prison, but no one ever comes in anymore or escapes – except for the legendary Sapphique. Finn has an eagle tattoo on his wrist, which he thinks has something to do with who he was before coming to the prison. He receives a crystal key, with the same eagle symbol, and with it he is able to talk to a girl that lives in the outside world.

Claudia is the daughter of the warden of Incarceron. She lives in the Realm, outside of Incarceron. She sneaks into her father’s office and finds a key, exactly like Finn’s, and with the keys they are able to communicate with each other. She hates her life and does not want to be forced to marry the prince; so she decides to try to help Finn escape.

The Realm outside of Incarceron is stuck perpetually in the 18th century. No one can make new inventions or try to further technology. The world is supposed to remain free of change – but there are changes going on, and they’re not for the best.

Finn travels through Incarceron – which is a giant world that was originally created to house all the world’s criminals/undesirables to reform their morals and create a┬áUtopian┬ásociety. The prison was supposed to be self-contained and be able to ┬árecycle matter back into food and materials that the people would need. The experiment had failed and Incarceron was alive; watching everything that happens within it, learning and growing. Finn makes the journey through the prison, trying to find the way out, with his oath brother and a slave girl that he rescued.

And I will stop before I start spoiling things.

There’s so many surprises and one adventure after another. You never know who to trust, and it makes you keep reading to find everything out. It was such a fun read and I definitely will be reading it again.

The sequel is Sapphique. It was still good, but it didn’t imprint itself on me the way Incarceron┬ádid.



Goodbye weekend.

It’s that time again. Sunday night. End of the weekend.

Now all week long I was super productive and got so much writing done. The weekend came and I hardly touched the novel. Oh well, I’ll do some extra the rest of the week to make up for the lack. I just need to take some breaks at times.

Now, more important matters – my boyfriend’s birthday is this Friday and I have nothing for him, have no idea what to get him, and the only things I know he wants for sure I don’t have the money for.

Also, there’s a Halloween masquerade in town (yea, a month away) we wanted to go last year but ended up not going because it was super cold. Contemplating going this year, but have no idea what to wear…

And now I’m rambling; or I think I am… or something…

Ok – goodnight and have a happy Monday!

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