I am alive!

Backyard view

Backyard and a family of geese (with seven babies)

So I have been back from my vacation for about a month now. It was a wonderful break and I greatly enjoyed myself! So sorry for not coming back sooner to give any updates, I’ve just been caught up in everything.

Ok then, let’s see, it is officially spring and, unfortunately, my allergies have really been kicking me in the butt this year.
The cats love the windows being open though and also the flowers that we got for the deck.

Ichigo & Ventus. (plus Ichi's b'day present of the house)

Ichigo & Ventus. (plus Ichi’s b’day present of the house)

I also can’t believe my little baby, Ichigo, turned 1yr a week ago! I remember bringing that tiny, starved, flea-infested kitten home like it was yesterday. My other boys turn 2 in a little under a week as well. All of the kitties are growing up too fast!

So my boyfriend’s parents gave us some old end tables that they had replaced and thought we could use. I’ve been sanding them down and am almost ready to get those stained and then they’ll be good as new! Just trying to think of how I want to give the drawer handles a face-lift too instead of replacing them. I’ve also been crocheting like crazy… mostly because I’m trying to get a care package together to send to my two best friends. I have a poke-ball that I plan on stuffing with mini crabs and octopus for them 😉
They are also huge Harry Potter fans so I am making them each a scarf for their houses – Gryffindor and Ravenclaw – they also were able to finally convince me to give the books a try (I was never allowed to read them as a kid since my parents deemed them evil). I finished book 3 and am impatiently awaiting the arrival of book 4 in the mail. I actually really enjoy them and am planning on making myself a scarf for my house – Slytherin –

Other than finally being able to get caught up on the multitude of books that I’ve been wanting to read, I’ve just been gaming – Bioshock Infinite anyone? – and playing around with other crafts.

Of course I’ve been working on Guardians of Ferrum. I actually have almost one whole wall covered in the spare bedroom of character info etc so I can have a visual reminder of who is who since there’s so many characters :p It’s taking a little longer than I thought it would to get Inner Peace ready, but I should hopefully have a release date for it this summer!!!

And… THE BIGGEST NEWS!!!!!! I get to go back to college this fall! I am super excited for this 😀
Most of you probably remember that I already got a degree in graphic design – of course I don’t really get to use any of it except for in the cover designs that I do – but I decided to go back for computer science/engineering. Gonna be a programmer like my boyfriend. It’s extremely interesting. Plus, I was awarded a scholarship and all of my credits transferred so I get to start as a junior! I’m very happy, but of course that will also cut into my time to write…. so we’ll see how that all goes. I may just have to focus on Guardians in my spare time until I finish the series.

Well, enough is enough… I think I will close for now and see ya’ll soon!