Guardians of Ferrum

Guardians of Ferrum

Part steampunk, part fantasy, and complete adventure!

book cover Book 1: Jinger Andrews is a pretty ordinary college student. She goes to class and lives in the dorms with her roommate and best friend, Eloise Gears. After some strange occurrences, Jinger finds herself in the world of Ferrum. It’s a world of strange inventions, automatons, and a mix of the past and future. Upon arriving, Jinger finds out that she is a guardian. Guardians are always human and are unknowingly bonded to a future senator of Ferrum. Her only purpose is to protect her bonded at all costs. Even if it costs her her life. But there are secrets on Ferrum and no one seems to ever want to answer her questions. Jinger isn’t one to just sit around and finds herself falling into trouble and trying to figure out what is going on in this new world. The only way she has a chance of surviving is the new friends that she makes and the inner beings that are there to aid her and provide her with the powers and weapons that she needs – she just needs to find them first. This Steampunk-esque tale is the first book in the Guardians of Ferrum series.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble



Inner Peace, Book 2 coming 2013.

And look for books 3-5  in the near future, along with some companion novellas.


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