Welp, I am done with my first week back to college! Not so bad…

Since I haven’t taken a college math course since 2008 I had to start off in basic algebra :/ but the awesome thing is I can work as fast as I want. I’ve already taken (and passed) my first exam in it and I could see myself completing the course in a little over a month! (If I do a unit a week – which there is a total of 5 and then the final)

I’m also taking intro to computer programming, which is definitely an interesting course and I think that I’ll enjoy it. My only other class is discrete structures (aka discrete mathematics) and I think it will be enjoyable as well. Next time I meet with my adviser I’m going to see if I can get a minor in math without doing too many extra classes just because I’m taking so many math classes for my degree in the first place and it’d be cool to have another degree πŸ˜‰

I decided to drop the earth science class just because since it’s my first semester at this university I want to get to know the place and get back into the groove of college. Don’t want to overload myself and end up doing poorly just because I have too much to do! Also, it sounded kind of boring and I didn’t want to be stuck in a class that the majority of other students are only taking for an easy science requirement. (it being the only lab science that doesn’t require any math.) I’d rather take physics and chemistry (which I will once I get the math prereqs out of the way.)

It’s been a crazy week. Trying to get into a new sleep schedule since I have 8am classes (my insomnia isn’t helping much.)

I have gotten a few chapters written for Inner Life! Whoo! Other than that, nothing.

Also, thanks to everyone that downloaded Inner Strength on it’s free promo days! (Please leave a review to let me know what you thought when you finish it! πŸ™‚ I’d love you forever!) And also thanks to those who purchased Inner Peace! (same as above πŸ˜‰ lol)

I finally got a new computer! Now no more depending on my boyfriend’s! I’m sooo excited! Except for the fact that it has Windows 8 😦 I hate it. It’s definitely not developer friendly. Probably going to wipe it and install Windows 7 instead.

Also, we did go to Matsuricon in Columbus last weekend. It was fun! I got some awesome stuff πŸ™‚


like this adorable Tonberry plush!

kitty gloves


and these super cute cat paw gloves! (plus things like white chocolate pocky, and hazelnut and orange chocolate kit kats from Japan.)

We also now have a squirrel that visits our deck pretty much every day. We’ve named her Pachirisu. She’s stolen pretty much all of the bird seed that I had put out and ignores the corn that we purchased for her. Go figure πŸ˜›

PachirisuΒ Β 000_0097

The cats love her, of course.

Well, I think that’s about it! Hope I didn’t bore y’all πŸ˜‰



New look!

I decided to give the blog a face lift! Also I noticed that I hadn’t updated the other pages, so those are completed as well! Now I just need to get back on over to facebook since I’ve been neglecting it for far too long. I’ll probably save that for tomorrow or this weekend… Β Yup, nothing better than procrastinating πŸ˜›

I do have something I’m working on… but it’s a secret for now πŸ˜‰ I must say I’m very excited about it!

Well, that’s all I wanted to say. Now to get back to working on the creepy owl I’m crocheting o.O and I have some writing to do too.


I am alive!

Backyard view

Backyard and a family of geese (with seven babies)

So I have been back from my vacation for about a month now. It was a wonderful break and I greatly enjoyed myself!Β So sorry for not coming back sooner to give any updates, I’ve just been caught up in everything.

Ok then, let’s see, it is officially spring and, unfortunately, my allergies have really been kicking me in the butt this year.
The cats love the windows being open though and also the flowers that we got for the deck.

Ichigo & Ventus. (plus Ichi's b'day present of the house)

Ichigo & Ventus. (plus Ichi’s b’day present of the house)

I also can’t believe my little baby, Ichigo, turned 1yr a week ago! I remember bringing that tiny, starved, flea-infested kitten home like it was yesterday. My other boys turn 2 in a little under a week as well. All of the kitties are growing up too fast!

So my boyfriend’s parents gave us some old end tables that they had replaced and thought we could use. I’ve been sanding them down and am almost ready to get those stained and then they’ll be good as new! Just trying to think of how I want to give the drawer handles a face-lift too instead of replacing them. I’ve also been crocheting like crazy… mostly because I’m trying to get a care package together to send to my two best friends. I have a poke-ball that I plan on stuffing with mini crabs and octopus for them πŸ˜‰
They are also huge Harry Potter fans so I am making them each a scarf for their houses – Gryffindor and Ravenclaw – they also were able to finally convince me to give the books a try (I was never allowed to read them as a kid since my parents deemed them evil). I finished book 3 and am impatiently awaiting the arrival of book 4 in the mail. I actually really enjoy them and am planning on making myself a scarf for my house – Slytherin –

Other than finally being able to get caught up on the multitude of books that I’ve been wanting to read, I’ve just been gaming – Bioshock Infinite anyone? – and playing around with other crafts.

Of course I’ve been working on Guardians of Ferrum. I actually have almost one whole wall covered in the spare bedroom of character info etc so I can have a visual reminder of who is who since there’s so many characters :p It’s taking a little longer than I thought it would to get Inner Peace ready, but I should hopefully have a release date for it this summer!!!

And… THE BIGGEST NEWS!!!!!! I get to go back to college this fall! I am super excited for this πŸ˜€
Most of you probably remember that I already got a degree in graphic design – of course I don’t really get to use any of it except for in the cover designs that I do – but I decided to go back for computer science/engineering. Gonna be a programmer like my boyfriend. It’s extremely interesting. Plus, I was awarded a scholarship and all of my credits transferred so I get to start as a junior! I’m very happy, but of course that will also cut into my time to write…. so we’ll see how that all goes. I may just have to focus on Guardians in my spare time until I finish the series.

Well, enough is enough… I think I will close for now and see ya’ll soon!


Stuff and leaving on vacation!

Hello all, sorry I’ve been neglecting adding any updates for some time. Last week wasn’t a good week for me because I guess I caught the flu and was sick the entire week. Thankfully, I’m all better and just in time too! I am so excited because my very best friends, whom I haven’t seen in over a year, are coming to pick me up on Monday to take me back to stay with them for a few weeks to a month – still undecided on how long I’ll be gone. (They live about 9 hrs away) So that means there will probably be no updates or very, very few.

That also means the boyfriend is left in charge of the five cats… I hope he can handle them :p

Otherwise I’ve just been busy with crafts; painting and giving an old lamp a steampunk face lift! Crocheting and getting gifts ready for my best friend’s birthday. Of course gaming and also some baking.


Speaking of baking, I made these today.

They are rice krispie cinnamon rolls and they are YUMMY!

I found the recipe here if any of you are interested in trying it out.In my opinion, they definitely need the frosting, but it can be overpoweringly sweet if you put too much on.

I keep finding new recipes to try out – Β the next one will be a salted caramel cheesecake (it sounds so good). And my boyfriend loves pound cake so I want to try making an orange poppy seed one.


Well, anyway… I need to finish the lamp, but I’m waiting on pieces to come for it. I also want to try to make a steampunk wand (going to be in Guardians of Ferrum πŸ˜‰ )

I also need to get back to writing Inner Peace. I just can’t get my brain to focus right now. I think it’s because I was sick for so long that I didn’t get anything done and now I want to do everything at once. As well as getting the house in order and packed to leave on vacation!

I believe that’s all, else I shall be a rambling machine :p



I’m still alive…

I’m sorry for abandoning everyone for so long. I’ve been busy…. watching tv shows…. not being productive…. drawing…. Well it’s about 2 and a half weeks until the first book in my new series, Cats’ Biographies is released! Whoo! I am so excited πŸ˜€

And guess what! The new website for the series went live today!

You can check it out if you want (and I know you do πŸ˜‰ )

Just putting finishing touches to the book and trying to get formatting completed… Also need to get it formatted for the print edition too. Well, I will be busy for these next few weeks, but I will try to stay updated better than I have been.

I so need some chocolate right now…. Keep having to chase the kitties out of the kitchen because they’re trying to raid the trash can. They got their first taste of prosciutto and they loved it and now they want the leftover packaging…. They just don’t listen to me.



Guardians of Ferrum

So, today I spent a good majority of my time updating the Guardians of Ferrum website. Y’all should check it out πŸ™‚ There’s several new character bios/pictures all just part of getting ready for release day!

I am so excited and I cannot wait! πŸ˜€

My Nothing Update. :P

I’ve not been doing much – other than writing. I am pretty sure I should be able to finish the first draft today! I’m so excited πŸ˜€ I’ve passed 55,000 words already!

I love the new cable/internet. So many new channels so there’s usually something decent to watch, and the internet doesn’t just randomly cut out or get really slow.

Protein shakes are rather nasty. I’ll stick to the protein bars. I hate the chalky after taste that the shakes leave. Otherwise it’s not too hard to stay on track with the diet. Though I’ve been getting really bad headaches and I don’t know if that’s from lack of food/caffeine/or just being on the computer all day. Supposedly I can drink whatever I want, but I’ve been trying to be better and limit myself to about one cup of soda a day.

I really can’t believe it’s October! I know this month will go by way too fast and then we’ll go right into all of the holidays and the rest of the year will disappear in a blur, especially if I have to end up moving….

Ok. I will go back to ignoring everything and just start writing again.


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