Hello :)

Hi, happy Thursday! I can’t believe the week is nearly over. I’m sure it has something to do with how late I’ve been staying up every night. Insomnia at least makes me get work on my books completed. I have finished formatting the print version for Inner Peace! I am so excited and I cannot wait until it comes out next week!

I just can’t get over how fast the year is going by. It’s nearly August! I only have about a month before I start school again and then the year will pass by in an even quicker blur. Oh well, it’s exciting! Also only have a month till we go to MatsuriCon! 😀 (Need to finish making my boyfriend’s cosplay for it. 😛 )

I’m going to start trying something new. I’m tired of the same old food that I keep cooking so I decided that each week I’d pick a different culture to try out new recipes from. I’m starting next week and I’ve picked Japan. Since we always shop for two weeks of food I need to decide what other culture I want to do for the week after that. Any suggestions?

Well, the cats are freaking out because someone is mowing the grass so I better go make sure they’re ok



Dear Insomnia,

Sorry to put it bluntly but, I hate you. I want to sleep when I want to sleep. Not when you finally release me to fall into an exhausted slumber that hardly refreshes me enough for the day ahead. I’m tired of you being so controlling with my life.
No, I do not want to stay up all night and then become so exhausted that I fall asleep in the middle of the day and then feel terrible when I wake up. It is not fun and I am very tired of you constantly returning to me.
You give me this false pretense that you’ve finally given up on me and are going to let me live a normal life. But then you have to shatter that lovely illusion by coming back and haunting me for weeks on end. Will you please listen and just – GET LOST! Forever.

Thank you.


Now I had actually been doing pretty good on the sleeping, but for the past week I can’t get myself to fall asleep when I want/need to.

On the plus side I am 5000 words short of my goal for Inner Peace! I don’t see why I can’t finish it up tomorrow (if I don’t end up going back to it tonight since I can’t seem to get to bed.)
When I write I always set some sort of word count goal for the book so I have something to help keep me focused and also so I don’t end up putting the entire series into one book 😉 . Guardians of Ferrum is set at 80k, though they tend to be a bit more once editing takes place and of course actually finishing the story. I’m thinking that I’ll probably end up hitting 80k and still not be done. I’d say, realistically, it’ll probably be more of a 90-100k. Which is still completely doable before the weekend is over. (Though I probably will be working on all my crocheting projects so I don’t know if I will stay focused like I should, and my bf bought me a new video game today soooo – yea it might not end up happening after all.)

Ok, I better quit blogging or I’m just going to waste everyone’s time 😛


Good morning!

Well, at least where I am it is 2 in the morning… I have major insomnia tonight. Plus there are several factors that are only making it worse. I shall not get into them or I shall go into an endless rant that will turn into who knows what at this hour of the night.

So I have been writing like crazy! This new book I’m working on has given me wings and I just can’t seem to run out of steam – no pun intended since it is a steampunk novel :p

I thought I would share with everyone here – if you haven’t seen it on my facebook page – the close to completed book cover for it!

It has gone through many variations and I think I am finally happy with the background and layout. The title I’ve been playing around with and will only remain the same if the following books in the series can match. (and I like the words at the bottom – just not sure if it will say exactly that)

Alrighty, big question – when will it be available? I don’t know. I should hopefully be finished with the first draft in the next week – do some editing – find some beta readers – edit and edit and edit and edit…. Hopefully around the new year? (If you want to be a beta reader let me know! I don’t have anyone on the list yet 🙂 )

But I’m excited for the book cover at least. I always seem to write better if I know what the cover and title will be. It always seems that if I get stumped on the design side I will get stuck in the story. I don’t know why.

And I leave you all now with a bit of an idea of what the book will be like – a blurb type of thing… (I need sleep)

Jinger Andrews thinks she’s a mostly normal college student. After some unusual events she finds herself transported into another world; a world of automatons, strange inventions, and a mixture of the past with the future.
A new life is thrust upon her and she finds out that she is one of the chosen guardians – humans that are unknowingly bonded to one of the ruling members of the world.
Her duty is to protect the future senator she had bonded to, no matter the price – even at the cost of her own life.


I suffer with it. I hate it. Though I suppose there is a good reason that it is happening to me tonight… regardless though, I’m not pleased.

I was feeling sick almost all day today so I took a nap in the afternoon, I thought it was early enough that it wouldn’t mess up my sleep too much, but I guess my body has other thoughts.

People tell me just to lay in bed, relax, don’t think, and sleep will finally come to you. I drive myself insane if I try that. I toss and turn, think about everything, my brain never wants to stop. Ultimately I just get upset that I can’t sleep. Though I suppose it can be helpful to my writing sometimes. It seems like my stories are what plague me the most and I just plot things out to happen or come up with interesting ideas. The problem is I don’t get up to write these ideas down and once I eventually fall asleep I forget everything I thought of. I suppose I should keep a notebook by my bed and scribble the ideas down before I drift off.

I wouldn’t have a problem with staying up all night. In the past I didn’t mind it. There were several times in college I would stay up 24+ hours and be okay. Now, if I don’t sleep during the night and get up at a reasonable time in the morning, then I just set myself up for a horrible day. Besides I have so much I need to do…

I shouldn’t be on here though. When I get tired or it gets late enough and my brain just isn’t as sharp as it should be, I start to ramble and say things that I don’t know where they came from. So before I start sharing things or saying things or just become crazy (though I am told I am on a regular basis :p) I will complete this post and wish you all a good-evening yet again.