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Yup, the release date for Inner Peace is August 1st! Just a little over a week away! I’m so excited 😀

So mark your calendars and get ready to go back to Ferrum!

I can’t wait! And now, here’s an excerpt for y’all.

“Leave this place and do not come back until you are at least able to give us a battle.” Ignis commanded.

I looked over at the chimera and noticed that all four heads were glaring at me with open hostility. I took that as my queue to obey and hastily made my way back down the path and out through the metal door. I heard the flapping growing dimmer and assumed that it must have sunk back into the fire or wherever it was when we had arrived.

I stepped out of the humid room and buckled over, gasping and resting my hands on my knees. That was definitely not what I had been expecting and I didn’t know if I really ever wanted to go back there.

Strength was right behind me and shut the door. It then just stood beside me, waiting for me.

“You know, instead of taking me to see that thing you could have just told me about it,” I snapped as I stood up straight and glared at my being.

It just stared at me with a blank expression on its face.

“Fine. Whatever. You can send me back to myself now.” I had my arms crossed so tightly I wasn’t sure that I would be able to uncross them.

Strength smirked and said, “I knew I still had the stronger connection with you than Peace did.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I snapped angrily.

“It means, you are going to make Peace’s work a lot harder and mine easier. You just continue to listen to me and you’ll have the rest of my powers before you know it.”

I tilted my head to the side and squinted my eyes as I thought. “But, Peace told me that following only one of my beings will probably throw everything out of balance… I’m supposed to listen to you both and then decide. I have access to Peace so I’m not just going to ignore her in order to make you even stronger than what you are. In fact, I probably need to keep strengthening her so that she can keep you in your place better!”

Strength’s face darkened and it snarled, “Fine, but don’t expect to receive any more of my powers until you can prove yourself to me.”

I was going to make a snappy retort when I felt my vision shifting as everything started to go dark. So Strength was going to kick me out of my dream world just because I pissed it off? I was definitely going to go to Peace next time I had a free moment.


Character Reveal: Jinger Andrews

I decided to start having character reveals for Inner Strength, Guardians of Ferrum: Book 1! (coming sometime soon)

Today meet Jinger Andrews. She’s the main character and the story is told from her POV. She’s 6 feet tall with flaming red hair and a hot-headed personality to match.

She’s an average college student that one day ends up finding herself in the world of Ferrum. For the past 2 years of her life she’s been being secretly bonded to a future senator of Ferrum. On Ferrum, she is a guardian – one of the few humans brought from Earth to be the protectors of the senators and anyone who has a chance of becoming a senator.

Ferrum used to be an utopia, but not anymore… Jinger arrives when danger is around every corner and one never knows who to trust. Her only task is to protect her bonded – but that could cost her her life.

But Jinger isn’t alone – she has inner beings that will aid her and give her the weapons that she needs in order to survive the new world. She just has to figure out how to find them.

“Jinger! You’re stronger than this!”
“No, I’m not.” I mumbled into the ground. It then hit me that the ground felt smooth and cool, like stone. The air wasn’t hot and smelly. I opened my eyes and raised my head. I was in the dream world and Strength was standing over me.
“Are you going to get up?” it asked.
“I can’t… You were right. I’m not strong. I’m weak and I would never stand a chance without you.”
“You sound like you’re having a pity party.” its voice was harsh and grated on my raw nerves.
“I’m not!” I snapped as I pushed myself into a sitting position, “I just can’t do anything. When there’s real danger I’m worthless! I’ve gotten someone killed because he was trying to save me!” I brushed the tears away angrily.
“So, you’ve just given up and aren’t going to even try anymore?” Strength crossed its arms over its chest and glared at me, “I didn’t think I was part of  such a coward!” it snarled.
“I’m not a coward.” I said in a steely tone. I wasn’t going to let it talk down to me, “If you’re so powerful why aren’t you doing something?!” I pushed myself up to my knees, “You’re a part of me, why are you being selfish with your strength?!” I made it to my feet and stood shakily before it.

“How to Destroy a Heart”

I told my mom that I was going to kill myself. She laughed at me. It wasn’t a happy, you’re joking with me laugh, it was a cruel laugh that said I don’t care what you do.

How to Destroy a Heart is based on a true story. It’s about a girl named Riniel and how her life – heart – is destroyed. It shows how she goes from being a bright, happy, optimistic person that never gets down about anything into someone wanting to kill herself and struggling with the betrayal of the people who should have been there for her above anyone else in the world. It’s not a happy story and it doesn’t really have a happy ending.

But this story isn’t just Riniel’s, there are so many broken and hurting people that have to go through nearly the very same thing – because they’re not perfect.

The fact has always boiled down that I wasn’t what my mother wanted. I wasn’t “perfect” like my oldest sisters.
She says she doesn’t show favoritism. But if that were the case then why is it so obvious that she does?
But perhaps I should start at the beginning. Explain everything that has happened so that nothing can be misconstrued and look like that I am just throwing a pity-party for myself; like she would say I am.

Guess what we found!

Guess what we found!.

Apparently my Jabberingwockies have found an old story that they (me) started writing a few years ago… The story has potential so I might help them turn it into a book 😛 .

There’s an excerpt from it posted on their blog if you are interested in seeing what it’s like.

Not only did I find that book, but there was also another one that I had completely forgotten that I had started.

I’ve said it before, I have too many things to write!

Break time. And time to introduce Victoria.

So I needed to take a bit of a break from writing. Yay! I actually got something completed today! One whole chapter in Albino Demon! I’m so proud of myself 😉 (It sounds a little more impressive when the chapters are all around twenty pages apiece.)

So I think I will introduce you all to Victoria. She is a character in Albino Demon. If you didn’t see the introductory post about the main character Roarkon it’s here.

Victoria is a fallen angel. She’s ageless since angels are immortal and has been around since the beginning of time. She mysteriously appears at random times to give Roarkon warnings, but they are always interrupted and he never gets to learn who she is or what she is really trying to tell him. She eventually rescues Roarkon and later befriends him. Because of the type of power that he has, angels are the only beings that are able to help him so she leads him to the means of his salvation. Since she has fallen from the approval of the gods she is an outcast from the entire spiritual world.

…I was cast out; trapped between the world of the angels and the demons. The angels hate me. The demons fear me. That is a fallen angel; and it is a dismal world to live in. Now I live to do all I can to try to win back the graces of the gods, in hopes of being forgiven. Though it is folly to think that they would.”

…Roarkon sat on his worse, staring silently at the angel. He couldn’t imagine the loneliness that she must feel. She was even more of an outcast than he was – she had to live with this for eternity.

As if reading his thoughts, she turned to him with a smile, “Do not pity me. Go. Knock at the door and tell them you want to be purified of the demon heart. They will help you.” she pulled her worse around and started back down the mountain, the way that they had come.

Will we meet again?” Roarkon asked softly as she passed by him.

I hope we do not have to.” she was soon lost to sight and Roarkon slowly urged his worse forward towards the tower. ~ from chapter 3 of Albino Demon.

There you have it. I think I will go and try to write some more!

Happy August! In Which I talk about the Dawn Knights

I really cannot believe that it is August already! The older I get, the more time flies.

Let’s see. My goal for August is to get one book published and at least another mostly completed in writing.

I already know that neither of those will probably happen. And it would probably be due to my own laziness. I think if I buckled down and worked on the Dawn Knights I could complete it.

Oh, I haven’t talked much about that book? Well, I wrote it years and years ago. It was supposed to be a joke on one of my sisters but the story turned out so well that I rewrote it, changing some things and making it a complete story with the possibility of turning it into a series.

It is about a group of knights known as the Dawn Knights, since they claim to always be ready for anything at the break of dawn. The group consists of Sir Airan the brain/smart, Sir Balan the brave/bold/brawn, Sir Corin the kind/courteous, and Sir Dundee the lazy/idiot. Additionally, there used to be Sir Erdan the best, but he is now lost.

…in the very center of the room, sitting on a three-legged milking stool and stirring a giant cauldron, was a gigantic, obscenely obese dragon!

Both knights instinctively ducked back into the shadows of the tunnel hoping that the dragon hadn’t already seen them. They listened carefully as their racing hearts began to slow down. The faint sound of the bubbling pot and crackling of the fire reached their ears as well as the occasional creaking of the stool as the dragon shifted his ponderous bulk.

And no knight story would be complete without a dragon, though he is a very odd dragon.

Its supposed to be more comical and is written quite different than any of my other stories. Writing about it here has inspired me to start work on it again. I think I will try to concentrate on it from now on, hopefully it will be published this month then!

I am an alien princess.

“Everyone that is close to me knows that I am actually the only child of the king and queen of an alien race. My home planet is galaxies away and is known as Airalandra.

We are a very intelligent race and far more technologically advanced than the human race. I was sent to Earth by my parents five years ago. My mission was to see what was special about this planet and I was to stay here a total of twenty years, observing humans and seeing if Earth is a worthy addition to our kingdom.

My race is able to take the form of any living creature so you would never be able to tell that I am anything other than one of your kind. We are also able to manipulate the brain and memories, creating ones that never existed. That is how I am able to make people think that I was born into a human family and was raised here.

I came with low expectations, not thinking that there would be anything of worth here. I was pleasantly surprised to find, not only friends but also love. However, the longer I remain here, the more I realize that the human race is propelling itself to its own destruction. I have decided to contact my home planet and inform my parents that this planet is worthless. My advice will be to destroy Earth – a mercy killing.

However, I am not without a heart, and as I said I did make friends so I would be loath to see them perish. There are plenty of people deserving to live and ones that can contribute many things to a society.

So my offer is this. I am willing to take humans with me on my ship when I return to Airalandra. Of course there is a limited amount of space, and since I cannot personally vouch for all that are worth saving, I will have to require an idiocy test. Unfortunately, if anyone cannot pass the test they will not be allowed to leave the planet.

Idiots are the downfall of the world and I will not let them be the downfall of this society that I wish to rebuild on another planet.

Heed my warning. Contact me if you wish to be saved and await the time that will soon come.

Sincerely, the Alien Princess of Airalandra.” ~An Alien Among Humans

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